If your company has its own insurance coverage and you do not use the Wheelbase coverage, this is a good option for you to inform your renters how it works and what to expect. 

Setting up

1 - Navigate to Account Settings in the Main Menu 

2 - Checkout & Insurance

3 - In the Default Insurance Level drop down, select Use Custom Insurance

4 - In the box that appears below, enter in everything you want renters to know about your insurance coverage and what to expect. This will be displayed to renters during the booking process. 

Keep in mind, this does not add any charge to the bookings. You'll want to create a an add-on / fee in the system for renters to select or make it required. 

How it'll look

During the checkout process online, the renters will see the text you've entered above in the section to 'Get Insurance'.

On the reservations, you'll see the same text on the Wheelbase Dashboard as well as the printed face page (receipt printer button). 


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