What is Zapier? 

Zapier helps connect apps you use every day (gmail, calendar, google docs, etc) to automate work flows. If you're new to Zapier, we highly encourage checking out their website: https://zapier.com/

How do I set up Zapier? 

Wheelbase provides the API token to connect to Zapier. You can access your API key here. Creating, setting up, and managing zaps would be done through your Zapier account and supported by Zapiers team. 

How do I get help creating a zap? 

This would be supported by the Zapier team. Wheelbase does not provide support for your Zapier account. 

What Trigger Events are Available? 

New or Updated Reservation - notifies your Zap when a new reservation is created or when a reservation's status changed
New Customer - notifies your Zap when a new customer is created
New Rental - notifies your Zap when a new rental is created
New Message - notifies your Zap when a new message is created

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