Windshields and windows will sustain wear over time with routine use. Existing issues such as cracks or bullseyes may show accelerated wear if neglected.

1 or 2 minor chips (not in field of vision) are covered via all packages, if they are repairable and do not require replacement

Cracks originating from a neglected chip that has increased in length or severity over time or after successive trips are not covered;
Dry, cracked, brittle or loose weather stripping around windshield/windows due to aging are not covered;
Peeling or nicks to window tint, flexing or bracing of the windshield or windshield moldings, or any damage not caused by a collision or comprehensive event are not covered.
In the event of Windshield Damage, please file a claim via the Reservation Page. All claims are subject to the vehicles deductible. 

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