What are credits? 

Credits act as a form of currency for your renter to use at a later date. You have the option to refund an amount as "credit", as well as add a credit amount directly to a customer profile. 

How are credits used? 

In the event that a customer has credit attached to their profile, the credit will automatically be consumed at the time that the booking is confirmed. 

Example: I refunded reservation #1 for Michael, I refunded him $200 as credit. This means Michael will get no refund on to his credit card, but Wheelbase will now store $200 on his customer profile. Michael can now navigate to my website to book at a later date, and as long as Michael uses the same email he previously used, he will see that the credit is automatically being shown on the quote, and will only ask him to pay for the difference of whatever the new booking total is. 

You do have the ability to create the booking directly from Wheelbase, which will automatically consume the credit once the booking is confirmed (paid for). 

Can I set an expiration date for credit?

 Yes, you can do this from the customer profile. Reference the information below on how to add credit to an existing customer. This is where you set an expiration date. 

You can track existing credit on the "credit report" found here: https://dashboard.wheelbasepro.com/reports/credits

How do I refund as Credit? 

When selecting a refund, you will see a box for "refund as credit". 

Once the refund is complete, it will store that credit amount on he customer profile. It will NOT refund any amount back to the CC. If you need to refund an existing amount to a CC, please navigate to the transactions tab on that reservation and issue a refund as normal. 

I have existing credit I'd like to add to a customer, how do I do that? 

  1. Navigate to the customer profile
  2. Select "add credit" on the right hand side

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