Will existing reservations still use the Wheelbase Stripe payment gateway?

Yes, all existing bookings created prior to connecting your gateway will still use Wheelbase CC processing.

Do I need to pay for, or integrate with Spreedly?

No, spreedly is the tool that Wheelbase uses which allows you to connect to your gateway. There will be no additional fees from Wheelbase for using this connection. Your only responsibility with Spreedly is to ensure your gateway is supported by them via their gateway list: https://www.spreedly.com/all-gateways

If I use my own gateway, will the deposits report and the transaction log still work?

The transaction log will still function as it does today, but will not show deposit dates. The deposits report will no longer be able to show batches and accurate deposit dates given that this feature is directly integrated with our stripe account. You will need to review deposits directly within your new gateway/merchant

How do I connect a gateway?

Navigate to the gateway setting in Account settings > Payout Preferences > Gateways, and you will be able to select from a drop-down which gateway you are using. We will then generate a form within Wheelbase that you will fill out based on what the gateway needs to connect to Wheelbase. Once saved, you're done!

Do I need to contact Wheelbase or Spreedly once I connect?

No. Once you're connected, all payments and processes will operate the same as they do today within Wheelbase, but be transacted via your new gateway.

Will security deposits still authorize and be refunded after 7 days of the return date?

Yes, security deposits will use authorization via your gateway, and auto release after 7 days IF you take no action on the deposit. In the event that you hold the deposit, Wheelbase will continue to reauthorize the card every 7 days until it is refunded or claimed.

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