1. Navigate to the main menu on the left, and select Add-ons & Fees
  2. Select the Mileage & Generator tab at the top
  3. Click on "+ New Fee" 

4. Select "Mileage" for 'What type of fee is this?'

5. Name the fee to help you keep track

6. If your rental includes free unlimited mileage, select that option and click "Save Fee" if not, proceed to step 7.

7. Select how you would like to charge: Charge based on tiered pricing (customer will be charged for the miles based on each tier you create; or Charge based on the matching tier only (Customer will be charged the price per mile at the tier they fall under based on how much they drove. If tier 1 is 0-100 miles for $.50/mi and tier 2 is $1/mi for 101-200 miles and customer drives 175 miles, they would fall in tier 2 and be charged $1/mile = $175)

8. If you include any miles for free with your reservations, input that where it asks

9. Fill out the pricing levels according to your policy, to add more levels or tiers, click "add another pricing level"

10. Click "Save Fee" 


To apply this mileage fee to a vehicle, you need to select this fee breakdown from the "Prices" tab in a Vehicle Page

Any existing Vehicles and Reservations will not have this fee yet selected on it, you'll need to go Edit these reservations and select the newly created fee. 

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