To begin setting up Mileage & Generator fees, visit Add-ons and navigate to the Miles & Generator tab. Click + New Fee.

This guide will cover how to create/edit a Mileage & Generator Fee. If you're having issues with the calculation of your fees on a reservation:

  1. Review the details of your fee structure, save fee.
  2. Verify that the Fee on your Vehicle/Reservation is the correct fee.

See Additional Tips (bottom) for Troubleshooting other issues in your Dashboard.

  1. What type of fee is this? -- Mileage. Select Miles or Kilometers.
  2. Enter a Name to identify the fee on vehicles/reservations.
  3. Select Charge Based On Usage. If Unlimted are included, Save Fee.
  4. How would you like to charge?
    Charge based on tiered pricing is charged based on each pricing level.
    **When selected per day/night, the pricing levels From - To are added to the included.
    EX: 600 km / (day/night) in order to reach $0.75/km (see image below)

    Charge based on the matching tier only is charged based on specific pricing levels measured in From - To.
    EX: If tier 1 is 0-100 miles for $.50/mi and tier 2 is $1/mi for 101-200 miles and customer drives 175 miles, they would fall in tier 2 and be charged $1/mile = $175)
  5. Enter the amount of included miles per (Day/Night) or per Reservation.
  6. Fill out pricing levels, having your last tier end with a large number: 99999. Do NOT end with 0.
  7. Save Fee
  8. Select Fee on Vehicles > Prices page.

Additional Tips

  1. NOT recommended to set Pricing Levels where the Price decreases as more miles are used.
  2. RECOMMENDED setting 1-2 Pricing Levels maximum. Complex setup may result in incorrect calculations.
  3. DO NOT withhold mileage fees from the Security Deposit. Claiming the Security Deposit does not add balance paid to the reservation.
  4. DO Charge mileage/kilometer overages to the renter's card on file.

Any existing Vehicles and Reservations will not have this fee yet selected on it, you'll need to go Edit these reservations and select the newly created fee. 

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