From the Reservation page you can make any number of changes to a particular reservation

  1. Click on "Edit" in the top right corner
  2. The following screen will appear

From Here you can make all the following changes by going to that section and changing the information (Video Below)

  1. Change the dates of the Reservation: click on the date range and highlight new dates in Calendar that pops up
  2. Change Vehicle: Click on arrow by the unit's name and select a different unit from drop down menu
  3. Alter Start and End locations: Toggle wether renter will pickup/dropoff, or you will deliver & pickup unit. Edit the time and address as well
  4. Toggle Insurance: Click on drop down menu under "Insurance" to select Get Insurance, Reject Insurance, or Delivery Only
  5. Alter Charges: You can change the dollar amount for the rental amount by changing the number
  6. Change Mileage Fees: Change the mileage charges for this reservation, choose from the tiers you have created
  7. Change Generator Fees: Select drop down box to choose from the different Generator fee tiers you have created.
  8. Change Add-ons & Fees: Click ok the drop down menu to include Addons you've already created, or click on "Add a new item" to create a new fee, add-on, or discount. 
  9. Change Security Deposit Details: Select dollar amount and input another amount to change. Change security deposit due date by clicking on drop down menu and selecting another option.
  10. Click on green "SAVE CHANGES" button

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