There are multiple ways to start a quote for your customers, the 3 most common are listed below. 

  1. Quick Add (always visible in upper right corner) 
  2. Calendar (click and drag across dates) 
  3. Quotes Menu

This article will take you through quoting a customer from the Quotes Menu

Quotes Menu

  • Access the Quotes Menu from the Main Menu on the left hand side 
  • Click on the green "+ New Quote" button in the top right hand corner of the screen (see below) 

This takes you the New Quote page:

  • First, select the dates in the top left corner (see below) 
  • This shows you all the available vehicles and displays information for you regarding the utilization history of each unit to help you guide your customer to the unit which works best for you. 
  • Totals are displayed to easily communicate to your customer
  • Select the green "+ Start Quote" button on the unit you'd like to proceed with

Next, finalize the details of the quote by: 

  • Selecting any add-ons or additional fees/discounts
  • Selecting Insurance Coverage, options are: Get Insurance, Reject, or Delivery Only
  • Selecting a customer in "Delivery the quote to" or create a new customer
  • Once completed, click on the green "+ Create Quote"

This takes you to the Reservation Page. You've successfully built the quote, once you confirm the amounts, the quote is ready to be sent to the customer (Confirm email address). Select “Send Quote”

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