An abandoned checkout occurs when a potential renter has gone to your website and started the process of booking a reservation (they've selected a unit, dates, and clicked reserve now), but did not complete the checkout flow to fully reserve a unit (answer questions, input CC Information etc). We alert you of these abandoned checkouts to make it easy for you to follow up and get them back to finalize a reservation. 

The system does send automatic emails to these folks, trying to get them to finalize booking, but you can see more success by giving them a personal call.

You can locate Abandoned Checkout's by going to: 

  1. The Quotes page from the Main Menu on the left
  2. Select "Abandoned Checkouts" from tabs at the top
  3. Click on the ID number to get to the quote page and review the information and send a quote!

NOTE: Abandoned Checkouts will appear only for users who have their Instant Book settings to Allow Users to Reserve Immediately. 

If you require approval for all quotes and reservations, you will receive quote requests instead of Abandoned Checkouts. 

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