In the Quotes menu of Wheelbase you will see all quotes, requests, and their statuses.  
Pictured below you see highlighted, Quote Request and Reservation Request, so what's the difference?  (Note: you will only receive quote/reservation requests if your instant book settings are set to "Require approval for reservations" or the reservation begins within the time frame where instant book is disabled, i.e. someone booking online for a reservation that starts that same day)

Quote Request

  • A prospective renter has submitted a request for a quote to be approved.
  • They entered dates, the unit, and their contact information
  • This was done either through or on the Wheelbase booking system integrated to your website. 
  • Your approval makes this an active quote, sending them an email with the details and the link to finalize the booking, which may or may not happen. 

Reservation Request

  • The renter has a gone a few steps further and has input their credit card information and is ready to be charged upon your approval. 
  • Approving this request charges the card they entered for the reservation deposit, and results in an Approved Reservation on your calendar. 
  • These are much hotter than a quote request. 

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