If you've noticed a line item/add-on on bookings from Outdoorsy.com that say Basic, Premium, or Ultimate, that is Outdoorsy's insurance protection package. Essentially Outdoorsy has split off it's service fee ("Outdoorsy Renter Fee" on the bookings) from its insurance and other offerings. 

What is it? 

Options! Outdoorsy is offering its renters 3 separate packages that vary in price based on the vehicle, and what's included, allowing renters to have more control over their budget. 

During the booking process on Outdoorsy.com, the renter will select the package of their choosing. 

Can I remove it? 

Typically no, this would essentially be removing insurance protection on that reservation. 

Can I change it? The renter wants to change their option. 

Contact Wheelbase Support through the chat bubble in the lower right corner of the software with the reservation # and the desired protection package. 

What are the differences between them? 

The better the package, the more services, protection, and perks are included in the renter's booking! 

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