In the event that a renter pays with a card that originates from a different country than your bank account, they may pay a 3% International Transaction Fee.


Who gets charged the International Transaction Fee? 

Only the renter will be charged. 

How much will the renter be charged? 

3% of the transaction amount. 

How will the renter be charged for this? 

The renter will see this as a second separate transaction on their account's statement. 

Do my renter's see this somewhere online before booking? 

Yes, when processing their reservation deposit online, they will see a message informing them of the possibility of the international transaction fee, pictured below.

Is this on the booking somewhere? 

Yes, the amount of the international fees charged thus far will be included on the reservation. This will help the renter identify that the separate charge on their card ifs for this 

Also visible on the printed receipt

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