We at Wheelbase wanted to alert you of some changes to how Wheelbase Fees are collected.

Changes to Fee Collection 


  • Any Wheelbase fees (insurance, coach-net, etc) will be collected on ALL ACTIVE reservations in your Wheelbase system (that have insurance included). This means any reservation that is not cancelled, fees will be collected. Regardless of whether it is checked out or not.

  • Outstanding Fees will be collected 3 days after the departure date of a reservation, even if reservations have not been checked out.

  • Outstanding fees are a result of payments taken outside the Wheelbase system and entered as a cash transaction. However, fees will also be outstanding if a booking is not fully paid. Wheelbase makes a best-effort attempt to collect payments on your behalf, but ultimately it is up to you to ensure all reservations are fully paid.

  • If a customer pays you for the reservation outside of the Wheelbase system, the fees will be debited from your checking account on file. 

This is important to bring to your attention because many Wheelbase Dealers neglect to update their system to reflect what is actually happening in person.

Changes to Refunds:


  • In our new refund structure, our fees are refunded to you based on the state of the booking.

  • Previously, when you issued a refund, our fees were always refunded to you in proportion to the amount refunded.


  1. If the booking has not yet been picked up, our system calculates the amount of fees already collected and compares it to the amount of fees that should have been collected, then refunds the difference when you issue a refund to the renter.

  2. For example, if $100 in fees have been collected and you change the rental amount on the reservation such that only $80 in fees should have been collected, that $20 difference will be refunded when you refund the renter.

  3. If the booking has been picked up, fees are now non-refundable. However, we always refund credit card fees, as before. If you wish to issue a full refund to the renter after the reservation has been returned, you will be responsible for funding the amount taken in Wheelbase fees.

  4. Lastly, fees will be fully refunded if the booking is cancelled by you, the owner (prior to departure) 


  1. Cancel reservations in Wheelbase that need to be cancelled.  [how to cancel a reservation]. Many people leave them in the system as approved reservations, those will be charged for insurance fees, as the Insurance Underwriter sees those are taking place and they're covering it, therefore charging Wheelbase. 

  2. Mark reservations as “Cancelled” BEFORE issuing a refund, or Wheelbase fees won't be refunded. 

  3. Disable insurance on any reservation that should not have it included:

  4. Reservations that don't qualify for any reason

  5. Reservations with NO VERIFIED drivers (Unless you are delivering and picking up the RV

  6. If the reservation hasn't been picked up, and you're making a change to the amounts, you must adjust the reservation to reflect the correct values before you issue a refund, or Wheelbase fees will not be refunded.

In order to ensure that you are not charged outstanding fees for a reservation that will not be picked up, you must cancel the booking on or before the pickup date.

Thank you for your time.  
-The Wheelbase Team

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