Setting up owner split percentages enables accurate reporting when creating owner payout reports to provide owners and help you keep track of how much to write a check for! 

Consigned owner split settings are found in 2 places. 

  • In ACCOUNT SETTINGS, where they apply fleet wide, to all vehicles. 

  • The second place, is in the VEHICLE OWNER tab of vehicle's settings. This will apply to just this vehicle only. 

Setting Up Split Percentages

  1. Go to Account Settings

  2. Then Consigned Owners

  3. Enter the values 

For the top row, Rental Split, Mileage Split, & Generator Split, enter the percentage of the revenue from that source (rental, mileage, and generator) that is going to be paid to the vehicle's owner. 

For example: Pictured above 40% of the rental revenue is going to the owner, 60% of the mileage fee revenue and 30% of the generator fee revenue is going to the owner. 

You also have the ability to split the cost of the credit card processing fees, and the Wheelbase insurance fees, with the owner of the unit. The value entered in those fields is the percentage of the fees associated with that reservation that you want the owner to pay for (credit card processing & Wheelbase insurance).* 

In the example above, the owner of the vehicle would be responsible* for 25% of the credit card fees on reservations in their unit. The owner would also be paying for 85% of the dealer (your) cost of the insurance.

* The portion of fees you have set for the owner to pay will calculate as a deduction in the Consigned Owner Payout. It will show all the money they should receive minus the fees they should pay, and show the adjusted amount for which you would write them a check for. 

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