In the VERIFIED DRIVERS tab at the bottom of a reservation, you can see the status of the drivers. 

If it looks like the one pictured above, this means your renter has failed the driver verification. 

This means the driver has not passed the risk assessment verification that considers several factors in conducting risk assessment; such as the value of the vehicle, background check, financial history, criminal record, etc. These are just to name a few.

Sometimes with upon manual review and some additional information, and/or ID screening, or better coverage, the insurance Trust & Safety team can override the fail and extend insurance coverage.

Send us a message in the support bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen and we'll have the team review.

If they are ultimately not able to verified at all, this means your driver will not be covered by Wheelbase's insurance offering. It is recommended you find out if there are other possible drivers traveling with them, and submit them through the driver verification process, or have them supply their own insurance, or offer to delivery the RV if they plan on staying in the same place for the duration of their rental.

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