• Coach-Net must be removed more than 4 days prior to departure date.

  • Coach-Net must be added prior to departure and checkout, if either have passed, it's too late.

  • Vehicle must be newer than 1971 and have a 17 digit vin, year, make, model, and length input in Wheelbase. 

  • Customer information must be completely filled out (name, US address, email & Phone number) If your renter is international, send us a message. 

What you need to do: 

  • Plan accordingly. Figure out whether your renter wants Coach-Net earlier on. (Create a checkout question, make it part of your emails/calls, create an automated email for 7 days prior to departure explaining Coach-Net and asking if they'd like to add it or remove it)

  • Remove it before the 4 day mark, after that, it's stuck on there, we can't get the money back. Once the information is sent to Coach-Net, they are paid for the membership they've created for your renter, and it is increasingly difficult to get a refund from them at this point, as it is out of Wheelbase's hands. 

Once Coach-Net has generated a membership #, it appears on the reservation, and Coach-Net can no longer be removed. If it looks like this, it's too late:

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