This guide is intended to give you a quick overview on implementing Google Adwords tracking using Segment for your Wheelbase account.  For the most up to date information on Segment's Adwords integration, check out their guide here.  If you need help getting started with Segment, we've written a quick guide here.

Setting up Google Adwords with Wheelbase

Once you've setup your Google Adwords account, you're going to get a few important values:

  • Conversion ID - This is the ID that represents your Google Adwords account

  • Conversion Label - You should have one or more of these based on the level of tracking you want to perform

For the most common implementation, we'll walk you through setting up conversion tracking for competed bookings.

Tracking Completed Bookings

Once you have your conversion label for Adwords, open up your segment account and click on the "Add Destination" button.

Locate the Adwords integration and enable it for your account - to do so they'll ask for your Conversion ID. Paste it and click 'Activate' to enable the integration.

Now that the integration is enabled, click on the "Labels" section and create your conversion tracking for our Order completed event.  The right column is where you'll paste your Conversion Label from the first step.

All done! Your account should now be tracking conversions for Google Adwords.

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