This guide is intended to give you a quick overview on implementing Facebook Pixel tracking using Segment for your Wheelbase account.  For the most up to date information on Segment's Facebook integration, check out their guide here.  If you need help getting started with Segment, we've written a quick guide here.

Setting up Facebook tracking with Wheelbase

The first thing you'll need to do is generate a Pixel ID for your conversion tracking.  You can do so by following Facebook's guide here.  By the end of their tutorial, you should have an ID you can use for tracking conversions through Wheelbase.

Once you've got that recorded, open up your Segement account and select "Add Destination"

Next, locate the Facebook Pixel integration and enable it for your account.  You'll want to set the Pixel ID to the value you copied above, and also set your value field to total 

Finally, click on "Map Your Events to Standard FB Events" and map any events you'd like to track.  We recommend the following:

The column on the left is a Wheelbase event, the right is the corresponding facebook event you want to trigger.  For a full list of available events, view our getting started guide.  Remember that spelling is extremely important here, so confirm you've entered these values in correctly.

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