Once a renter uses a card to pay for something in Wheelbase, the payment processor will retain the information, allowing you to charge the card later by simply selecting it from the drop down box. 

  • Navigate to the reservation 

  • Click on MAKE PAYMENT (this opens up the payment window)


  • Locate the drop down box that reads ADD A CARD

  • Click the drop down menu and select any of the cards that have been previously used by this customer

NOTE: Any charges (add-ons, date changes, services, mileage, toll bills, etc.) must be captured on booking prior to charging renter credit card. Any attempts to process payment without supporting line items and/or booking changes/adjustments will prompt the following pop-up;

If you encounter above, please double check by clicking 'Edit Booking' to ensure the amount you are charging has been properly accounted for. Further clarification outlined in below video;


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