1. Navigate to Account Settings

  2. Select Discount Codes 

  3. Select + Discount Code  to create the code

Edit Discount Code Preferences 

  • Unique Code Name

  • Discount Amount ($ or %)

  • Total (applies to the total amount before taxes)

  • Daily (applies to the rental amount)

  • Date range in which this discount is valid

  • Shopping (Date of Reservation confirmation)       OR

  • Traveling (Start - End of reservation)

  • Length of Reservation (minimum)

  • Automatically Apply:
    YES: Applies automatically to ALL reservations created meeting the shopping / traveling and date criteria
    NO: Apply to reservations when Discount Code is entered at checkout

  • Total Redeemable (0 to unlimited)

  • Redeemable per Person (0 to unlimited)

  • Active Yes/No

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