When creating a group of vehicles, you can either add vehicles that already exist in your Wheelbase account or add new vehicles to your Wheelbase through the grouping tool of the Parent vehicle (master of the group; the children vehicle will use the parent vehicle's information).

Adding a vehicle to a group:

1. Navigate to the Vehicles menu from the Main Menu on the left

2. Select the Vehicle you want to be the “Parent” or master of the group

3. Select + NEW VEHICLE

Here you have the option:  Move an existing vehicle in Wheelbase into the group by selecting from the drop-down box


Add a new vehicle to Wheelbase, and into this group, by clicking the blue text CREATE A NEW VEHICLE and follow the onscreen instructions

Click PUBLISH, if it isn't already

Vehicle Groups will be identified with this logo by the vehicle in the Vehicles Menu

The children vehicle will not be displayed in the Vehicles Menu unless the checkbox "Include Children Vehicle" is selected. You'll then see that a vehicle "is a child of ____"

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