We here at Wheelbase wanted to inform you of 2 changes that are taking place regarding Outdoorsy.com bookings. 

  1. From this point forward, the Dealer Fee (insurance %) for bookings from OUTDOORSY will stay the same, regardless of Rental Amount. They will not be sliding down for larger bookings.

  2. All bookings driven to you from Outdoorsy.com will have a Dealer Service Fee, to pay for that lead. If you have Wheelbase’s insurance enabled, the Service Fee is waived. The Service Fee is calculated the same as the Dealer Insurance Fee. The only change here is for folks who receive Outdoorsy bookings, but do not use Wheelbase insurance, you will now pay a small fee for that qualified booking.That fee will be between 6-10% depending on your fleet size. 

Remember: these fees are only in place for confirmed bookings that we drove to you, so we only get paid when you do! If you use Wheelbase’s insurance, there is no additional service fee.

We look forward to the mutual success and growth of your business and Wheelbase, we’re in this together!

As always if you have any questions, or are unsure what your insurance rates are, feel free to reply to this message! 

Please note, that requirements and information might have changed since this announcement. Please check our most recent updates and announcements.

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