Upload Photo and Videos:

  1. Navigate to Vehicles 

  2. Click Photos

  3. Add Video or Add Photo

Great photos are one of the most sound investments your company can make. RVs with great photos earn more.

Photo Tips

Default Photo

You know what they say about first impressions - make sure your default photo is one that stands out and draws potential renters to you over the competition.

Clean your RV
Renters are more willing to rent out a RV that’s well kept. Clean your RV before it goes through a full photo shoot. This will make quite an impression and promote your RV. Show off how clean and beautiful your RV is in the photos you take.

Include People!

Data and feedback give clear indication of higher conversion rates on rigs that include photos that include happy campers.

Upload the right size
Not a photography expert? Upload as large of files as you can - we'll optimize them for the best output. Aim for photos that are 1024 x 800 pixels.

No watermarks or text

Outdoorsy will not display photos with watermarks or text. Please ensure your photos are clear of both to ensure they are published successfully.

Set it up for camping
Let your vehicles shine by taking a few exterior shots while setup at campsites.

Use Ample Lighting
Inside and out, you can't go wrong with a little extra light. Dark photos make your vehicles feel small and cluttered. Open those windows and turn on the lights!

Video Tip
Make sure you are using the 'share' link when pasting into your listing (share link YouTu.be vs the YouTube.com/watch url) as per video below.

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