Instant Book allows renters to confirm booking requests for your vehicle automatically resulting in booked reservations with paid Reservation Deposits.

How does it work?

When you enable Instant Book on your account, all future booking requests will be automatically confirmed. The system will charge the renter's card for the initial amount, you receive a confirmation email with the booking details, and the reservation details will automatically be available in your Dashboard.

What are the benefits of Instant Book?

Maximize Bookings

Instant Book gives renters the fastest and easiest way to book your vehicle – they are only one click away from a confirmed booking. Instant Book encourages renters to book your vehicle, rather than shopping around, which increases overall bookings.

Will Instant Booking cause me to rank higher in search results?

Yes, many factors determine your rank in search, including your Instant Book status.

Attract More Travelers

Your vehicle will display a lightning bolt icon on search pages to make it stand out. Renters who know what they want and are ready to book are aware clicking these listings results in the smoothest booking experience.

Save Time

There’s no need to review and approve each booking request manually. You can still communicate with a guest after they have booked, and you can cancel a reservation if the renter doesn’t meet your rules.

How do I enable Instant Book?

Go to your dashboard and select the “Account Settings” option from the left-hand menu. From there, click on “Reservations Preferences” (third from the top) and scroll down to the “Instant Book” section. Click the drop-down menu to toggle on Instant Book and modify your cutoff times (for example, no same-day bookings).

(In “Reservation Preferences,” you can also modify your turnaround time to make sure that you always have time to prepare your vehicle for the next renter.)

What if I change my mind and want to return to requiring approval for bookings?

You can quickly switch from Instant Book to Require Approval For All Reservations in your dashboard. Just follow the directions above to change your “Reservation Preferences.”

Can I cancel an Instant Booking reservation?

Yes, you can cancel an instant booking reservation if the renter does not meet your stated rules, policies, or terms and conditions. If you need to cancel the booking for one of these reasons, do so right away and communicate with the renter.

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