What is Rules? 

Rules is your new gateway to advanced pricing, revenue management, and utilization across your entire fleet. 

Seasons & Events, tiered pricing, and discounts based on utilization is now in your complete control. 

An example of something new?
You may want to increase revenue based on how often your fleet has been used this month. We've got you covered. 

Where is Rules?

You can find "Rules" in the main menu as seen in the image below. 

What's Changed? 

As seen above, Rules has replaced the "Seasons & Events" Menu.
Rules has also taken place of "Advanced Pricing" for those users who utilized a tiered style of pricing. 

Why the change? 

To give you more flexibility around pricing, utilization and maximizing revenue. 

Is there anything I need to do for my existing seasons/pricing? 

Nope! We've got you covered. When you first select rules you will see all "imported" rules. We have seamlessly translated all of your existing settings into the new rule format. You can still "edit" these existing rules if needed. 

Where do I get started? 

As seen above, look for the "new rule" button in the upper right corner of the Rules page. I've hyperlinked the image above to take you right there. 

What are the different types of Rules? 

  1. Advanced Pricing - Adjust weekly, monthly, & advanced pricing.

  2. Dates & Ranges - Adjust price for specific days, events, or seasons.

  3. Minimum Booking Nights - Adjust daily/nightly minimums for given date ranges.

  4. Utilization & Optimization - Adjust price based on utilization of your fleet. 

As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions! 

Do newly created vehicles get automatically applied to my existing rules?

No, you would need to go back to the Rules tap and add the new vehicle to your existing rules.

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