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This section of Rules most closely resembles the Seasons & Events functions you may be used to. By selecting dates for travel (and days of the week), dates the rule is active, and how you'd like the price to change, you will have created a price change for those dates. 

You can use this to accomplish a few scenarios, for example: 

  • Fall Pricing from Aug 1 -  Oct 31 that increases the price by 10% and only applies Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

  • Winter pricing from Nov 1 - Jan 31 that reduces the price by 20% 

  • Increase price by 20% July 1 - July 7

Step 1: Select dates that this rule applies to (reservation dates) 

Step 2: Select days of the week

You'll find days of the week to the right of the date picker. Utilize these if you want this rule to only apply to certain days of the week. Any un-selected days will not be affected by this price change. 

Step 3: Input price change

  • Select %, $, or 'Set Price To'

  • Input the amount in the empty box

  • If applicable, select "Price Increase" or "Price Decrease" (not necessary if you use 'Set Price To')

Step 4: Name the rule

Step 5: Choose whether you want the rule to become active right away or not. 

Step 6: Click "Create Rule"

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