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Set the minimum rental request duration you’ll accept during a set amount of dates. (ex. rentals are 3 nights minimum from Aug 1 - Oct 31)

How to set up a minimum nights rule

1. Select the travel dates you want this to apply to in the "What travel dates does this rule apply to?" section
 (following the example above, you'd select Aug 1 - Oct 31)

2. Enter the number minimum nights/days in the "Would you like to set a minimum number of nights?" field. 

3. Select the vehicle(s) you want this rule to apply to. Your options are "All Vehicles", "Single Vehicle", or "Vehicle Type" (i.e. all class A's or all class C's) . Click Apply

- You select 'Remove' to not have this rule apply to that vehicle

4. Give your rule a name

5. Decide whether you want the rule be turned on, then "Create Rule" 

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