What are Special Hours? 

Special hours allows you to create periods of time in which you do not allow pick-up or drop-off, but want to allow a reservation to extend through these dates. 

Example: If you want renters to book through the new year (January 1st) but not allow pick-up or drop-off on this date, you can now create a special date range for this. 

Keep in mind you can also adjust pick-up or drop-off by the hour of the date chosen. 

How do I create Special Hours? 

To get started with Special Hours, navigate to the "Store Locations" menu within "Account Settings". I'll also attach a link here: https://dashboard.wheelbasepro.com/account/locations

The example below is creating a "New Years Day" Special Hour that does not allow pick-up or drop-off for the entire day of the 1st of January. 

As mentioned above, you have additional options around the specific times you may be available. This screenshot below displays all of your options when creating a Special Hour

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about this feature. 

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