Electronic Signatures applies a renter's signature to the electronic reservation receipt and any attached documents 

By signing, renters agree to all the documents that are attached. 


  • $1 per signature, this will be deducted from the deposit to your bank account as a Wheelbase Fee Payment on the Transaction Log. 

  • Non-US users, the cost is 1 of your local currency (1 CAD, 1 GBP, 1 AUD, 1 EUR)


  • Renters will be prompted onscreen to review and sign documents right after booking the reservation

  • If they do not sign at the time of booking, renters will receive an email from the system with the documents to review and sign 7 days prior to departure

  • Once signed, the Electronic Signatures field on the reservation will turn green and show "Completed" 

Before Signature

After Signature

Enabling Electronic Signatures

  1. Find Electronic Signatures under Premium Services  

  2. Select ON and SAVE

  3. Navigate to Policies and Documents, and click checkbox "Include in eSign Document" (documents must be in PDF format).

  4. Save changes

Once "Include in eSign" is checked, your attachment will be added to the receipt of the reservation which the renters will sign. This signature on the face page agrees to all attached contracts with the receipt. 

Regenerate Document

Upon saving changes to a reservation, a button to regenerate the document to sign will appear below Send Reminder

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