Product Update:  Reservation Checkout Flow

Note: This change does not affect your Wheelbase dashboard. 

What's new? 

Higher conversion rates on your reservation requests!

We are excited to announce an impactful change coming to our checkout flow over the next few days. 

For those not familiar, the checkout flow is the experience your renters navigate through when requesting or confirming a reservation.

The checkout flow has a direct impact on conversion, customer experience, and profit driven to your business. 

After months of testing, we found that this revised flow can increase conversion during checkout by up to 22%. Increase conversion rates, increase profit.  

What changed? 

Seeing an increase in conversion by up to 22% means we learned a lot from our testing. 

We learned that moving certain pieces of the checkout flow make the process more streamlined and less complicated for your renters, thus increasing the amount of booked/requested reservations.  

An example being the driver verification process. Previously we asked for driver information before payment was being submitted. This means if someone did not have their license in front of them they may not finalize their request. By moving this after payment, we immediately saw an uptick in conversion. 

The biggest change to this revised flow is a visual one. You won't be missing any steps you had previously, but a more visual stimulating flow for your renters.

This revised flow will also open the doors to greater functionality over the coming months. 

As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are here to help!


The Wheelbase Team

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