We here at Wheelbase are passing along a notice from Outdoorsy.com to keep you informed that in order for Outdoorsy.com to continue to serve its renters with the best service, the Outdoorsy Renter Service Fee may vary by booking.

As Outdoorsy expands globally and works harder than ever to acquire renters from a variety of different sources, the renter fees associated with booking a reservation on Outdoorsy.com will fluctuate based a number of factors. 

What does this mean? 

The Outdoorsy Renter Service Fee you see on Outdoorsy reservations in your Wheelbase reservation system will not always be a flat 10% of the rental amount. You should expect to see that number vary, this is normal and intentional. In other words, this is the renter's service fee for booking on Outdoorsy.com and is completely separate from any fees you as a business pay Wheelbase.

How does this affect you? 

It doesn't! The Outdoorsy Renter Fee that Outdoorsy.com renters agree to pay when booking on the world's most trusted platform is visible to them upfront during the booking process and has no bearing on the rental price of your reservation nor on your overall payout from a booking.  

What should you do differently? 

Nothing! We do recommend refraining from commenting on the Outdoorsy Service Fee as this something not charged by your business, but rather by Outdoorsy.com, where the renter made and paid for this booking. If a renter does have questions about this, direct them to Outdoorsy's Customer Support at 1-877-723-7232. (Not unlike when you make a hotel reservation on Expedia and have questions about the price/rates, they direct you to Expedia as that's where you made and paid for the hotel room).

Why do Outdoorsy renters pay this? 

Outdoorsy is the largest and most trusted RV Rental Marketplace on the planet with an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB) Outdoorsy renters pay this service fee as part of the agreed-upon terms when signing up on Outdoorsy.com. This fee helps run the trusted Outdoorsy platform enabling them to find and reserve RVs from trusted owners and business, while offering award-winning support and services, giving them peace of mind on their family vacation.

-The Wheelbase Team

Please note, that requirements and information might have changed since this announcement. Please check our most recent updates and announcements.

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