The Reservation Checkout Flow has a direct impact on conversion rates, customer experience, and profit driven to your business. 

After months of testing, we found that this revised flow can increase conversion during checkout by up to 22%. Increase conversion rates, thus increase profit.  

*Premium Services described below are always available for all renter leads from  Reservations booked directly from your website or dashboard can toggle services on/off. 

Customers enter the Checkout Flow as they click Reserve Now on your website. A clear understanding of this guide will help you support customers.

Pick Up & Drop Off + Checkout Questions

Checkout Questions will appear on the bottom half of the first page. These questions help collect renter information before submitting their booking request (age, tow vehicle capacity, delivery location)


Wheelbase Protection Package


Premium Services

Roadside Assistance,  Affirm Financing, Trip Insurance, Damage Protection, and Electronic Signatures.

Verified Drivers*
f the customer has chosen to opt-in to Wheelbase's Insurance Protection. All drivers must be at least 25 years of age and pass a driver history check.


Roadside Assistance*

CSA Trip Insurance*

*Services available to dealer leads if set to Active within Premium Service Settings

Booking Summary

Electronic Signatures*

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