We here at Wheelbase are happy to announce you can now offer CSA Trip Insurance to your renters.

You may have seen these on Outdoorsy.com reservations over the past several weeks, now your own renters booking directly from your company's website will be able to take advantage of these great services!

You may have some questions, so here are a few answers you might be looking for:

Are these services enabled automatically for my renters?
No, CSA Trip Insurance need to be enabled in your Premium Services menu of your Wheelbase dashboard. Currently, Outdoorsy renters booking on Outdoorsy.com see these services and can purchase them. If you'd like to also offer these on your own company's website to your renters, the services will need to be enabled. (Scroll down to learn how).

Why would I want to offer CSA Trip Insurance to my renters?
Renters booking with you directly will now be able to protect their investment in their vacation, should unforeseen circumstances arise. Renters can recoup their reservation money through CSA that they usually would lose. Your company's ability to offer trip insurance gives you another revenue source and adds credibility to your business. Read more about it here.  

How do I turn these services “on/off”?
Wheelbase makes it easy to adjust what services your company provides to its renters. You can change the offerings from within the Wheelbase dashboard in the Premium Services menu.  To learn more about toggling these services on or off, click here.

How will these additional services be displayed for my renters booking on my website?
Additional services are presented seamlessly to your renters during the online booking process on your website. Once you decide to offer these other services (see above to learn how), the renter will see them while they are completing their online booking, after selecting the vehicle, dates, and your add-ons. To view the booking flow from a renters point of view, click here.

Feel free to reach out in Wheelbase support chat with any questions!

-The Wheelbase Team

Please note, that requirements and information might have changed since this announcement. Please check our most recent updates and announcements.

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