Covered Perils

Outdoorsy will pay for sudden, direct, and accidental damage to the listed vehicle for perils covered under our Comprehensive & Collision coverage. Payments will be issued to the legal owner of a listed vehicle unless otherwise specified by the legal owner.

Our collision coverage will apply when damages are sustained to the covered vehicle as to the result of an impact with an object or another vehicle or the upset of the vehicle.

Comprehensive (sometimes called Other than Collision) coverage would cover the following: falling objects, fire, theft or larceny, explosion or earthquake, windstorm, hail, water or flood, malicious mischief or vandalism, riot or civil commotion, contact with bird or animal, or breakage of glass.

All covered perils are subject to investigation and determination by our claims team.


The Outdoorsy coverage will cover comprehensive and collision damages to the vehicle caused by a covered peril. However, as with any insurance policy, there are necessary exclusions to the coverage. Outdoorsy does not cover the following:

  1. Losses caused by mechanical or electrical breakdown or failure, wear and tear, lack of maintenance, or damages occurring over time, are not covered. This includes resulting damages from a covered peril that was found to be caused by failure or breakdown. (Example: If a fire is found to be caused by a mechanical failure, the resulting fire damage is not covered.)

  2. Damages resulting from war, riot, terror, political unrest, biological/chemical, nuclear, or radioactive contamination.

  3. Damages resulting from the manufacturer or prior repair defects.

  4. Damages incurred where an owner has not taken all necessary steps to respond to a manufacturer or NHSTA safety recall issued on their vehicle.

  5. Damages to any electronic equipment or accessories designed for the reproduction of sound, that send or receive audio, visual, or data signals unless required for the normal operation of the vehicle.

  6. Loss of personal property belonging to either owner or renter. Renter is directly responsible for damaged or missing property.

  7. Awning fabric (unless confirmed as not having wear or any tears prior to the rental). Awnings must be present for inspection after the booking.

  8. Losses to a vehicle that is not approved for coverage, registered, and meeting Outdoorsy safety and inspection and maintenance requirements.

  9. If keys were not provided to a verified driver at the start of the booking, owner coverage will be denied.

  10. Interior damage is not covered under the Outdoorsy Comprehensive and Collision coverage, optional Damage Protection coverage can be purchased by the renter for interior damage protection.

  11. Our coverage does not extend to vehicles if the vehicle enters or attempts to enter Mexico.

  12. Coverage may not be extended to losses resulting from vandalism or theft if a police report is not submitted. Police reports should be obtained immediately following the loss by the renter.

  13. A Police report is required for any incident involving third parties.

  14. Loss of use, lost revenue, business interruption, loss of personal use, and transportation costs resulting from damages are not covered by Outdoorsy.

  15. Items that are not factory installed at the time of manufacturing may not be covered. Examples include add-on features such as bicycle racks, etc.

  16. Damages resulting from an intentional act, or the intentional acts of others at your or the renter’s direction.

  17. Damages resulting from a tire blowout where the tire is faulty, defective, older than 6 years of age, or does not meet Outdoorsy’s treadwear guidelines. Also, damages resulting from the use of improperly sized or load-rated tires, or the use of summer tires in winter conditions (i.e., snow or ice) are also not covered.

    1. If the cost of replacing a tire exceeds the renter's chosen deductible we will only pay the cost of replacing the damaged tire and will not pay to replace tires in pairs or sets. We will not pay for the cost of an alignment.

  18. Any vehicle not permitted to be licensed by federal, state, or local law.

  19. Damages resulting from the use of the vehicle off-road.

  20. Any bodily injury or property damage arising from damages resulting from the use of car or truck washing centers:

    1. Outdoorsy is not responsible in any manner for any damage that may occur while using automated, touch-free, or self-service car washes, including but not limited to: Any damage related to pre-existing conditions (including but not limited to tears, stains, scratches, windshield cracks, dents, discoloration, or rust) or defects.

    2. Damage to windshield-wiper systems, wiper blades, rear-window wipers, loose trim or exterior moldings, exterior mirrors, trailer hitch caps, truck bed covers, bug guards, sun visors, steering wheels, seats, luggage racks, bike racks, roof racks, antennas, insignias, accessories, and parts (including but not limited to wheels, rims, or spoilers), lowered or raised vehicles, low muffler systems, valve stems, magnetic signage, vinyl/graphic vehicle wraps, running boards, hood ornaments, vehicle rims or wheels, tires (including but not limited to flat tires), headlights, rear lamps, reflectors, or roof-top tents.

    3. Damage caused by customers loading or driving their vehicle through the car wash tunnel.

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