You have the ability to receive text message notifications to your mobile phone to notify you of new activities or reminders.

Turning on text message notifications

1 - Click on your name at the top of the screen

2 - Select My Profile

3 - Enter the mobile phone number in the phone field you want the texts sent to

4 - Check the box beneath the phone number labeled "Send me SMS messages about my bookings."

5 - Scroll down to SMS Notifications and check the box corresponding to the store location you want to receive text notifications for

6 - Click Save Changes

What triggers text notifications? 

If you require approval to make reservations (you receive quote & reservation requests) you will receive: 

  • Texts alerting you of a new booking request and a link to open in Wheelbase and accept the request. 

  • You will receive 3 more reminder texts over the next 48hrs or until the request is accepted or declined

If you allow Instant Book you will receive: 

  • One notification that your vehicle has been booked for certain dates and the reservation amount. 

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