Interior Damage Protection provides coverage for accidental damages to the RV interior during a renter’s trip. (Available for U.S Owners/Residents only)

This benefit is currently offered to renters booking on To learn how to enable/automatically apply Interior Damage Protection for your renters booking on your company's website, click here.

Roamly Interior Damage Coverage provides coverage should an insured renter cause accidental damage to your RV interior during their trip. Renters purchase protection for a flat, one-time fee of $69.00

The plan provides coverage for accidental damages that can include: broken appliances and certain electronics, damaged interior doors, walls and furniture, stained bedding or linens, lost keys and re-keying costs.

Why should I offer Interior Damage Protection?

  • You receive a $10 referral payout for your marketing efforts on every booking where a renter purchases damage protection (excluding bookings).

  • Protects the interior of your vehicles.

  • Helps to prevent an unhappy customer who would normally lose all/part of their security deposit, while still giving you cash to repair accidental damage caused by the renter, their kids, and even pets!

  • Helps to give renters some peace of mind.

Why should a renter purchase Interior Damage Protection?

While no one expects to damage a rental, accidents do happen. We highly recommend purchasing RV Rental Damage Coverage as it can help safeguard a renter's security deposit.

Roamly Interior Damage Protection is especially recommended for renters that are traveling with children, pets, or in a group. It is also recommended for longer trips (damage protection is available up until a trip length of 180 days) or if the renter is spending a significant amount on a luxury RV.

When normally you would deduct or keep all of the renter's security deposit, you now can file a claim through International Medical Group (IMG) for up to $1,500 and refund the renter their security deposit. Meaning if a renter caused $1,000 of damage inside your RV, you would file a claim (see below) and refund the renter their security deposit money. Everybody is happy!


When can coverage be purchased?

Plans are offered to renters when they reserve the rental and can be purchased up 48 hours before departure date.

Will I be notified?

Yes. When the plan is generated, you'll receive an email containing plan and contact information!

Does Roamly Interior Damage Protection cover intentional acts?

No, plans do not cover loss or damage due to criminal or intentional acts of renters or anyone in your party.

Can coverage be cancelled?

Yes, Interior Damage Protection can be cancelled and removed from a booking up until departure. Once a reservation has departed, the plan cost is non-refundable.

If the reservation is fully paid, you'll need to 1) remove Damage Protection from the reservation 2) Refund $69 to the renter.

If the booking is not fully paid, just remove the Damage Protection from the booking.

How do I add Interior Damage Protection to a booking?

Navigate to the reservation in Wheelbase > Edit > scroll down to "Premium Services" and select Damage Protection from the drop down menu.

Not seeing this option, make sure the vehicle has VIN, make, model, year, and length all filled out. And, the renter customer profile has their name, renter email, renter address.

Does Interior Damage Protection cover pet damage?

The plan can provide coverage for pet damage as long as the owner allows pets in the RV. Pet damage is not covered if having pets in the RV violates the rental agreement.

Are all vehicles eligible for coverage?

  • No, only vehicles 20 years or younger are eligible for coverage.

  • Vehicles attending Burning Man are not eligible for Interior Damage Protection during those dates.

Is there a coverage limit?

Yes, the Damage Protection plan has a limit of $1,500. If the damage to the unit exceeds this amount, you can then claim the remainder from the renter's security deposit.

Is there a deductible?

Nope! If you need to file a claim see below for more details.

What is not covered?

Coverage is not provided for:

  • vehicles attending Burning Man festival

  • damage to the recreational vehicle or its contents while in motion;

  • damage to windshields of the recreational vehicle;

  • damage from another vehicle;

  • recreational vehicles that are older than 20 years;

  • damage to any other vehicle, structure or person;

  • Collision or Comprehensive damage.

How do I start a Roamly Interior Damage Coverage claim?

Interior Damage claims can be started online via the IMG Claims Center (click here to access the claim form directly).

Pro Tip: Fill out as many fields as possible, then forward form over to renter to fully complete and submit for reimbursement.

IMG can also be reached toll-free (866-243-7524)

Once a claim has been filed, supporting documentation can be sent by email or mail:

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Mail:
    IMG iTravelInsured Claims
    P.O. Box 3231
    Farmington Hills, MI 48333-3231

A dedicated team member will process the claim from start to finish and will reach out with any questions or if additional information is needed.

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Please note, you may have a damage protection plan from Generali if coverage was added to booking prior to April 1, 2022. If so, call 866-409-7435 for assistance and follow the claims process below:

To seek reimbursement for damages, download this form and start a claim with Generali Global Assistance by visiting or calling 866-409-7435. Once you’ve completed your claim form and gathered supporting documentation, send your claim to Generali via email at [email protected] or via mail at:

Generali Global Assistance & Insurance Services Attn: Claims Department
P.O. Box 939057
San Diego, CA 92193

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