You may have noticed RV listings on Facebook, a new initiative Outdoorsy launched mid-February 2019.

Outdoorsy is always thinking of ways to drive more bookings for owners like Facebook Marketplace. Think of the Facebook Marketplace as a new way for you to generate more bookings (and more income) without having to lift a finger. Outdoorsy will do the heavy lifting and automatically post your listing to Facebook Marketplace to help drive more high-intent renters to your listing without any extra time or effort on your behalf. What could be better?

Your RV will show for RV rental searches on Facebook Marketplace where your vehicle is located. Your listing will automatically appear in the RV sales vertical of the Facebook Marketplace, but will have [FOR RENT] in the title to indicate it is a rental. This is the only place on Facebook where vehicles can currently be listed. To protect your privacy, Outdoorsy uses an obscure address (nearby gas station) and a random VIN in the listing details.

If you would like your listing to be excluded from distribution, we encourage you to opt out of appearing on the FB Marketplace by emailing [email protected]. By doing so, your listing will be removed from distribution.

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