Custom Insurance allows dealers with a commercial policy to display insurance coverage as an option to renters in the Wheelbase (and Outdoorsy) Checkout. We'll explain the steps to integrate your coverage details & setup pricing structure.

Setting up

  1.  Navigate to Premium Services 

  2. Select Custom Insurance from Default Insurance Level

  3. Check box to Charge for Insurance if you're collecting a daily/nightly amount

  4.  In the box that appears below, enter in everything you want renters to know about your insurance coverage and what to expect. This will be displayed to renters during the booking process. 

What has changed:
This adds a charge to bookings. You'll want to delete any existing add-on / fee in the system. 

What do renters see?

During the checkout process online, renters can view your Custom Insurance Coverage details completed in the fields above. 

On the reservations, you'll see the same text on the Wheelbase Dashboard as well as the printed face page (receipt printer button). 


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