Reservations from will include a protection package: Risk Taker, Essential, or Peace of Mind. Outdoorsy has separated the service fee ("Outdoorsy Renter Fee") from the insurance and other premium services. 

What is it? 

Options! Outdoorsy offers renters 3 separate packages that vary in price based on the vehicle, and what's included, allowing renters to have more control over their budget. 

During the booking process on, the renter will select the package of their choosing. 

What are the differences between them? 

Packages differ in terms of daily cost, liability coverage, comprehensive and collision coverage, roadside, deductible and more. Here's what's included: 

Can I remove it? 

Typically not once the reservation is created. You can "reject" Outdoorsy insurance and pay a higher percentage for the Outdoorsy Lead Fee.

Can I change it? The renter wants to change their option. 

Yes, there is a button to Update Package on the reservation page. Renters can also adjust from the reservation page. 

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