You now have the option to take on a percentage of the cost from your renter, or make margin on the cost of insurance. 

You can do so on a per-package basis. If you would like to charge more for "Basic", you can do so by selecting "Basic" in the screenshot below and setting a negative or positive value depending on your preference. Same thing for Essential & Peace of Mind.

Please note: Adjusting the price of the insurance packages only applies to your customers, not's customers that book on They will pay Outdoorsy's insurance fee. You do not pay for insurance for Outdoorsy's renters, however you pay an Outdoorsy lead/referral fee.

How to change the insurance cost

When looking at your settings, if you have it set to 0% markup Service Premium, that means the whole cost of the insurance package is going on to the renter. If you have negative (-%) percentage in the Service Premium field, that discounts the cost of the package to the renter, and you are paying that difference. 

Renter pays full amount of insurance

0% in the Service Premium field means that the cost of the packages is not changed, and the full price is paid by the renter; you as the business don't have any insurance overhead costs.

Raise cost of insurance, and make a profit

If you have a positive number in the Service Premium field, that raises the price of the packages to the renter, and you get to keep that extra money as additional revenue.

Lower cost of insurance to renter, you take on some cost

By putting a negative % in the Service Premium, it lowers the cost of the package to your renters by that amount; and you will take on that cost. So entering a -50% in the Service Premium section means that you and the renter will split the cost of insurance 50-50.  

If you would like to view the current cost of Insurance with your markup or discount, you can click "View Package Status" on the above screenshot. 

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