Touching Base No. 2


Do you know what time it is? It’s about half past time to get caught up to speed in our regular product updates email, Touching Base. We know you might not be able to keep up with our updates as they come out in real time—so let our monthly snapshot do the legwork and help you stay in the know while you’re on the go. 

The big stuff. 

Let’s recap real quick.

  • New insurance partner. If you haven't already heard, we have a new insurance partner, Liberty Mutual. We're continually looking for ways to improve our offerings to you, and sometimes that means a new relationship with an insurance company—one better poised to fulfill your needs. 

  • Wheelbase Summit. Mark your calendar for May 7–9, 2019. Complete with enriching workshops, networking opportunities, and exciting surprises, the Wheelbase Summit is focused on empowering you to achieve bigger, profitable growth in 2019 and beyond! For more event details and to get your name on the list, click here. We’d love to see you there.

  • Wheelbase just got faster. Is Wheelbase feeling as fly as your car does after a trip to the dealership? Performance and stability are paramount to Wheelbase operating like a well-oiled machine, which is why our engineering team pushed an update to make Wheelbase faster—allowing you to put saved time back where it belongs (on your business). 

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Touch base with our Wheelbase customer support team with the blue chat bubble, located at the bottom corner of your Wheelbase account and we'll be there for you. 

Before you go.

  1. Mobile app anyone? The engineering team is progressing the process of t developing a Wheelbase app. Stay tuned to your email for more updates later this year and the chance to be part of the testing group. 

  2. Custom insurance descriptions. Are you using your own insurance? Learn how you can display your information to your renters online. Click here.

  3. Make more money. Enabling premium services like Trip Insurance and Damage Protection earn you additional revenue on each booking while providing additional protection for renters (USA only). Activating these services will earn you more money this summer! Click here

Keep an eye out for our regular Wheelbase Weekly tips and updates in the support chat. We’ll also touch base here for more substantial updates and relevant news. 


- The Wheelbase Team 

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