Touching Base No. 6


It’s time to get caught up on what’s new and coming your way in our monthly product update–Touching Base. Here's a look at the last month.

The big stuff. 

You don’t want to miss these. 

  • Transactional emails (emails you and your customers receive throughout the booking process and leading up to the booking) were updated and improved. These more efficient emails help your business better communicate with renters while driving more traffic, and delighted customers, through updated ‘Call to Action’ visuals in every email. See some examples of the changes here.  

  • Wheelbase Verification improvements (U.S.) have been made to reduce confusion around insurance, and the ‘approved drivers’ for Wheelbase insurance. We noticed the recent transitions brought about some friction, as change often does. We heard your feedback, listened to what was throwing people off in the software, and made a handful of adjustments to better display who is verified and approved to drive using our insurance. Our guiding purpose through all these updates around driver verifications is to protect your assets and mitigate the probability a customer is risky and reckless. 

  • Trip Insurance Service (U.S.)  (cancellations, interruptions, etc) has been updated, ensuring that all customers who purchase this service are eligible to utilize its benefits starting day one. Meaning, the cost of Trip Insurance deduction occurs at the time of booking–the renter’s first payment. Remember, Trip Insurance can only be canceled/refunded within ten days of purchase. Learn more about Trip Insurance here.

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Touch base with our Wheelbase customer support team with the blue chat bubble, located at the bottom corner of your Wheelbase account and we'll be there for you. 

Before you go, a few more updates. 

  1. Customer Booking iFrame redesign (coming soon) - The booking integration on many of your websites is receiving a redesign. Keep an eye out for the fresh look that is coming next month!

  2. Speed Updates - We designated an entire week week last month where our engineering resources focused solely on improving the quality of the product to better support the speed and everyday functionality of Wheelbase. 

  3. Got ideas and/or feedback? We’ve created an online submission form that goes directly to our product manager. This is the perfect place to request features and explain your use case and it would benefit your business day to day. It’s also the place to provide feedback on current functions. Click here. 

Keep an eye out for our regular Wheelbase Weekly tips and updates in the support chat. We’ll also touch base here for more substantial updates and relevant news. 


- The Wheelbase Team 

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