To provide insurance coverage on rental periods, there needs to be at least 1 verified driver in the system, who is approved to be covered by our insurance protection.

Things to know when adding drivers to a reservation

  • The verification is triggered when the reservation is "booked" or paid for. Meaning the system does not run the verification on QUOTES. Once the verification is triggered, the result will be completed in under a minute. 

  • You MUST have at least 1 verified driver prior to the rental departure, otherwise the system will reject the insurance and refund any paid insurance fees to the renter. (except "Delivery Only" insurance status) 

  • Additional drivers can be added to the reservation up until the departure date of the booking. 

  • Make sure to include ALL requested information to ensure an accurate screening

  • Each individual must be added with their own unique information (you cannot use the same email address or phone number as another driver) 

  • Renters must be 25 years of age 

It is your responsibility to make sure drivers are verified prior to handing off the keys to your vehicle. 

How to see the driver verification status

Navigate to the confirmed reservation, click on Verified Drivers at the bottom.

Your reservation dashboard shows you the status of the drivers verification on a confirmed booking. It will also provide information on what the next steps are in order to move the drivers verification forward. There are 5 possible driver tags in Wheelbase

"Waiting on Renter" - There is no action needed from your end. We`ve emailed the renter to get verified Once completed, our trust & safety team will review and conclude the drivers verification

"Pending Invitation" - We`ve emailed the renter to accept the invitation but they did not accepted the invite yet. In this case you can follow up with the renter and ask them to accept the invite that they received per email. You can also re trigger the invite by clicking the "invite driver button" and adding the drivers name and email information.

"Under Review" - The driver has completed the photo verification. Our trust & safety team will review manually within 24 - 48 hours (if two days have passed and status still shows 'under review' take a moment to follow up with our support team)

"Driver Failed" - After manual review, this driver did not pass the verification criteria our insurance partner designed to best protect you and your vehicle. One option you have is to add a different driver to the reservation and see if the new driver can get verified for the booking. Click the "Add a new driver" button and add the new drivers name and email information.

"Driver Verified" - the driver is verified for the trip an insurance is active for the reservation

How to add a driver to a reservation

  1. Navigate to the reservation, click on Verified Drivers at the bottom

  2. Click "add a new driver" 

  3. Fill out the information 

  4. Click "Request Driver Verification" 

  5. Results will be available in under a minute if the quote has been completed! 

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