Tax inclusive pricing allows you to have your taxes be inclusive of the vehicles rental amount. This means your renters will see the total nightly/daily rate on your website prior to selecting the vehicle. 


  1. Create your Tax Rates via Account Settings > Tax Rates

  2. Select Default Tax rates

  3. Check the box for Tax Inclusive Pricing 

Example:  With Tax Inclusive turned on, If you set your vehicle nightly rate to $100.00 and you have a 20% tax rate, Wheelbase will automatically calculate the 20% based on that $100.00. Which would means you essentially have a $80.00 rental amount, and $20.00 worth of insurance. Your customer would see $100/nightly on your website.

Without Tax inclusive pricing your rental amount would still show $100, but once in the flow, you would see a rate of $120/night 

With Tax Inclusive your renters would see $100/night

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