Touching Base No. 7

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It’s time to get caught up on what’s new and coming your way in our monthly product update–Touching Base. Here's a look at the last month.

The big stuff. 

You don’t want to miss these. 

  • iFrame appearance update (website integration): We’ve just completed a design overhaul for the Wheelbase iframe improving the appearance (rental vehicle presentation) with more information and a refreshed look on the booking page. Our testing indicated that these updates led to increased renter conversion. We’re continually looking for ways to improve the customer experience, so keep an eye out for future iFrame improvements! 

  • Add premium service while creating quotes (varies per country): As Wheelbase users, you already could add insurance and add-ons to your quote while building it. Now you can add in your Premium Services you’d like to include on the quote. Adding this functionality will have a positive impact on your business; giving you more opportunity to include these services on quotes and bookings means additional revenue for you  Learn more here.  Note: Certain packages already include a premium service - in this case, you will not be able to add a duplicate. 

  • ‘Tax Inclusive’ pricing - (EU & AU only): We built out the ability for EU users to toggle on “tax inclusive pricing,” which will pull any assigned tax rates into the nightly base rate. With this setting enabled, customers will see prices with taxes and fees included. To learn more about this feature and how to enable it, click here

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Check out the Wheelbase Help Center or touch base with our Wheelbase customer support team through the blue chat bubble, located at the bottom corner of your Wheelbase account and we'll be there for you. 

Before you go, a few more updates. 

  1. Select an default insurance package is now an available feature. Just make the selection in your Premium Services, learn more here

  2. Localize time format by market - as we grow a global product into new markets, we introduced the 24hr clock (vs. AM/PM). This update is automatic in all EU accounts.  

  3. Insurance auto-reject for unverified drivers - You should have received an email last week announcing the system will automatically turn off and refund Wheelbase Insurance if the reservation/driver is ineligible. Read more here

Keep an eye out for our regular Wheelbase Weekly tips and updates in the support chat. We’ll also touch base here for more substantial updates and relevant news. 


  • The Wheelbase Team 

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