Transaction Report Columns:

CC Fee: Credit Card Processing

Wheelbase Fee: Outdoorsy Lead Fee, E-signatures, optional DMV check (dealer service fees deducted from your payout, paid by Wheelbase user)

Renter Fee: Renter Service Fee (Paid by renters, part of the renter's booking total)

Renter Services Fee: (protection packages, damage protection, Roadside Assistance) - Premium Services Paid by renters [unless you discount protection package pricing]

International Transaction Fee: charged to renter's card if it originates from a different country than your bank - paid by renters

Credit: Payout to dealer's bank account

Debit: Withdrawal from the dealer's bank account

Payment Types (Method):

Wheelbase Fee Payment: debit dealer's bank for service fees

Reservation Charge: Renter's initial reservation payment (only cc fees collected)

Remainder Charge: Renter's remainder reservation payment (wheelbase, renter, services fees collected)

Full Reservation Charge: Renter's Full reservation payment (wheelbase, renter, services fees collected)

Manual Charge: Charge to renter's card that was not scheduled as one of the above 3

Refund: refund issued to customer's card on file

Security Deposit Claimed: Claim issued on a security deposit

Owner refund: Automatic credit to dealer for any over-collected fees at departure date (when a service is removed)

Renter Credit: Credit applied to a reservation from an referral credit

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