What is the Competitive Vehicle Pricing Report? 

This report allows you to compare your specific vehicle(s) with Outdoorsy marketplace data. You are able to view search volume, as well as median rental rates based on the competitive set of vehicles that are in your locale and match similar traits of your vehicle.

How do I use the report? 

Start by selecting the vehicle in which you would like to compare. Once selected, use the date picker in the upper right corner to view a date range in which you would like to see your vehicles pricing in comparison to Outdoorsy marketplace data. 

We also recommend using this report to view peak search times. 


Competitive Set: The vehicles used to define the median of price similar to your own vehicle. 

Search Volume: The amount of visitors to Outdoorsy that clicked on vehicles within the competitive set of your vehicle.

Average Daily Price: The average price of your vehicle over the selected date range. 

Market Median Price: The median price of all units similar to yours defined by the competitive set (see below). 

Top 25%: The top 25% of the competitive sets median price. 

Bottom 25%: The bottom 25% of the competitive sets median price

Where is the competitive set of vehicle data coming from? 

The competitive set is defined by Outdoorsy vehicles that are similar with your own. Things like make/model, length, vehicle type and location, are all a part of defining competitive sets.  

What is the intent of this report?

We receive requests weekly to share more data on how to effectively price, as well as anticipate search volume on any given time of year. This report is intended to give a high-level view of a few of those things. We will continue to collect feedback and offer more reports / features that will allow for more dynamic pricing and insights.  

Note: In the event that there are less than 5 vehicles which meet the requirements of the competitive set, the report will not display any data. Please check back at a later date.

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