What is INSTAmatch?

INSTAmatch is an Outdoorsy specific feature that allows renters to cast a wide net for a potential rental that meets their trips needs. INSTAmatch requests are NOT quotes, these renters did not select your vehicle specifically. However, your vehicle may meet their needs given the dates, type, # sleeps, and size of the vehicle. INSTAmatch allows you to directly introduce yourself, and send a quote to that potential renter.

INSTAmatch bids are NOT reservation requests. 

What is an INSTAmatch bid? 

When a customer on Outdoorsy opts-in to INSTAmatch, this creates a "bid", in which can be found on the INSTAmatch tab via the Quotes menu in your Wheelbase Dashboard. 

The image below shows a list of bids, in which you have the option to quote. 

How do I create a quote on the bid?

Once you navigate to the INSTAmatch tab in your quotes menu, you will see all of the available bids. At this point, you can select "create quote" and send a customized message / quote to the potential renter. Please note that the nightly price you see on the INSTAmatch quote Dashboard, are competitive prices and not your actual rental price. The price on the quote overview gives you information about the price range the renter was requesting other quotes. If you want to meet this competitive price you can click on Create & edit quote. On the quotes page click on edit and adjust your rental price.  Keep in mind this quote is going to someone who did not directly request your unit, so be sure to introduce yourself and send a short message.

I don't want INSTAmatch how do I turn it off? 

You can disable INSTAmatch for your account by going to your Account Settings > Reservation Preferences and scrolling down to the INSTAmatch setting, then select "disable" from the drop down box; and save changes. 

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