What is the benefit of offering Delivery? 

We have seen a huge influx in delivery requests. Renters on Outdoorsy are also searching actively using the "delivery" filter. By using the Wheelbase Delivery Fee feature on your vehicle, your vehicle will now show up with the "delivery" filters on the Outdoorsy marketplace. 

Where can I setup Delivery? 

Delivery can be setup in your add-ons menu. 

Once you have created a delivery fee, the fee must be attached to the vehicle. You You do this on the vehicle's menu under PRICES tab

How do I setup the Delivery fee?

Similar to a mileage fee, you can setup a tiered pricing structure.


I offer delivery within 100 miles/km of my store location. Within 60 miles of my store location, I offer delivery for $1.00 per mile, with a minimum charge of $50.00. So if a renter selected 25 miles, they would still be charged the $50.00 minimum. 

From 61 - 100 miles, I charge $2.00 per mile. 

Anything above 100 miles would not be available on the checkout flow. 

Note: The system will calculate mileage on the basis of one way only (your store location address to the delivery address entered). Keep in mind when setting your price/mile that you will be actually be driving 4x this distance (there & back when trip starts, along with there & back when trip ends)

The screenshot below is an example of how you would setup the above mileage fee.

***Please note, this is for renters that go through the check out flow on your website or through Outdoorsy. They will see something similar to this:

Adding a Delivery fee to a direct quote

For quotes sent directly to a customer, you will have the option to enter a delivery or pick up address and have the miles calculate automatically.

Your reservation page in Wheelbase has a "Delivery Location" field where you can add the delivery address and internal comments.

It will automatically calculate the mileage fee based on your delivery setting under each vehicle. The system will calculate mileage on the basis of your store location address to the delivery address entered.

For more information please also check out our related Deliver Fee Update article.

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