Claims processing requirements for the Wheelbase & Outdoorsy insurance protection packages.

Three items are required to process a claim:

  1. 90-day inspections done prior to departure

  2. Pre-trip and post-trip photos

  3. Claims will allow up to 14 days of the booking return (See below for more details, but this simply consists of filling out a quick form in the dashboard. You can provide more information, estimates, etc. when your claims rep reaches out.)

90 Day Inspection

As a vehicle owner, we suggest you inspect your vehicle after every rental. We require a more technical inspection every 90 days, and we will require that you keep the photos/details of those inspections on record in case they are needed for a future claim. The key elements of a thorough 90-day inspection in order to remain properly insured can be found here, and the assessment can be completed by you or a professional mechanic. Many of you are likely already going through these inspections regularly, so the only change for you may be holding onto the records/photos of your assessments.


  • Pre-Trip: Please take (10+) photos of the RV within 24-hours of the reservation departure date. All photos must contain EXIF data allowing Outdoorsy to confirm the date & time they were taken. You can take these on your phone or any other device that embeds the required EXIF data. Photos required to be captured pre-trip and post-trip include

    • Exterior photos: Front / Back / 2 side views/ Roof

    • Interior photos: Dashboard / Tank levels / Odometer / Beds / Baths / Seating

  • Post-Trip: Take these same photos (also containing EXIF data) again at the time the rental is returned in case you need to file a claim. These photos should be taken immediately on return, and no later than 48 hours from the return date.

    • Exterior photos: Front / Back / 2 side views / Roof

    • Interior photos: Dashboard / Tank levels / Odometer / Beds / Baths / Seating

  • Extra Credit: Since you're already taking photos for our insurance, taking a few more of the interior before and after the trip will be useful during times that you need to deduct money from Security Deposits for smaller damage/interior damage, and the renter tries to dispute the charge with their credit card company – these photos can be very compelling evidence to help your dispute case and prevent a chargeback.

In the event you need to file a claim:

  • The claims team will ask for those pre-trip photos, as well as the photos after the reservation returns, documenting the damage.

In short, all you need to do is take 10+ photos in the 24 hours before a rental begins so that if you need to file a claim, you'll have the photos showing the condition of the RV prior to that booking departure (and how that differs from how the vehicle was returned).

Many rental companies already do things like this, so it may not be much of a change at all to your daily flow. Rental companies already taking pre-trip photos and submitting their claims have seen a positive impact on the entire process and experience.

14-day Filing Requirement

To ensure we drive down disputes, we want to make sure your renters are aware of damage claims as quickly as possible. We’ve found that the later you file a claim, the higher the odds are your renters may dispute the damage. To make sure you’re covered, you must file all claims for damage within 14 days of the return date. This simply consists of filling out a quick form in the dashboard, and then you can provide more information, estimates, etc. when your claims rep reaches out. There is no need to obtain your own estimate prior to notifying Outdoorsy of the loss.

Many of you are already taking part in these best practices, so hopefully, this is a reminder or is an opportunity to build this into your process now. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Do you have a consigned vehicle?


Example of a Direct to Pay form

There may be times when (Name of Management Company) files an insurance claim. During the term of this Agreement, the (Name of Vehicle Owner) agrees that (Name of Management Company) shall have full authority to accept, receive, and deposit any funds from an insurance company for any claims.

VIN Number:

Make, Model, and Year of vehicle.

Owner Signature: ________________________________


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